At Best Consulting Services, Inc., we focus on building high quality technical organizations for corporations ranging from Start-Up companies to large multinational organizations in the high-tech software industry.

We have a longstanding commitment to our clients to find the best talent available and to expedite the search process.

We help recruit Permanent Employee’s as well as Consultants for organizations.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Database solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Systems Software
  • Internet Software Applications
  • Networking
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • Software Sales
  • Consulting Services
  • Data Quality
  • Analytics
  • Performance Testing
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management
  • Mobile Computing
  • Cloud Computing

Best Consulting Services, Inc. delivers a quality recruiting experience with leading companies throughout the Midwest.

We offer and maintain a “Talent Database” that has been crossed referenced where each of our candidates has been diligently qualified to maintain strong business integrity within our recruiting process.

As a market leader in a very competitive talent landscape we can accurately represent our clients and hiring managers in a very dynamic software industry.

In summary, Best Consulting Services, Inc. serves as a natural extension of your recruiting process. We will only present qualified candidates based upon your unique business requirements. This will ensure efficient use of your time and effectiveness in the hiring process.

Very simply, we will only present a candidate that we would consider hiring ourselves.